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VNS Diary Talk - Life as an agency Nurse

Posted over 1 year ago

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Hear first hand from one of our VNS Nurses on what it is like to work for us as well as life an Agency Nurse.

​How did you start you career as an Agency Nurse?

As a graduate nurse with only three months of experience into my nursing career, I was fortunate enough to earn a casual position with VNS agency.

What experience have you gained during your time as an Agency Nurse?

With VNS agency, I worked across various medical and surgical wards at different hospitals residing in both Melbourne and Victoria. In my experience, working as an agency nurse has challenged me in ways a graduate nurse program could not come close to. Right up to my first shift, I had no choice but to step out of my comfort zone and adjust to a new working environment with individuals whom I had not seen or worked with in the past. This experience has allowed me to adjust to new working environments, technologies and personalities in a short period of time. Working across different ward specialties has also allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills, challenge my knowledge and learn new skills to ensure high quality care.

What do you like most about working for VNS?

Along with the competitive rates VNS provides, working as an agency nurse is extremely flexible. I am not only able to pick up shifts when and where I want to, but I am also able to work around commitments outside of work.

What are the challenges of being an Agency Nurse?

Despite the multiple perks of being an agency nurse, there have also been some challenges. I have worked with multiple lovely and welcoming nurses whom I have not gotten the chance to work with again because of the nature of being an agency nurse. I have also had days where I worked 5 days in a row and days where shift work has been quiet. Nonetheless, Lina as well the VNS staff have been absolutely amazing in offering guidance, comfort and an open space for conversation during difficult times.

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