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Inclusion in Industry

Posted about 1 year ago

Inclusiveness   Nursing Brands

​As conversations about diversity have sparked, both within Australia and around the world, it pushes us to reflect on ourselves and the inclusivity within our industry.

A lack of inclusion in current society often comes down to stereotypes, which is an ingrained view of somebody based solely on their beliefs, culture, or background. However, these differences are to be celebrated, not used to divide us.

Celebrating differences is present in the health industry and is something that recent conversations we have shown us. While the confronting reality of this has come to light in the past weeks, it has helped us to reflect on the inclusivity and diversity that is present in the nursing, disability and support sectors.

Our clients range in age, culture, background, worldview, and status. And as health professionals, we have an instinctive urge to help and heal those around us. We honour that these differences are what make us people, and people are what our industry is built of.

While we see and recognise these differences, they don’t affect the care or service we give.

Our industry also reflects the people we serve. We all come from different backgrounds and circumstances, which is to be exulted in a professional sense and on a societal level.

We communicate, serve, protect, and heal our people, and our differences are what allow us to do this.

But while we acknowledge the beauty in our differences and the inclusivity in our industry, we also acknowledge that there can always be a level of improvement.

Consistently re-evaluating our levels of communication and our measures of diversity are ways of moving towards a more inclusive future not only for the health industry, but society.

Let’s lead the future of Australia by starting in our own lane, and let’s continue to encourage the nursing and support services’ industry to be recognised as an inclusive industry.

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