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5 Reasons Why Agency Nursing Outweighs Casual Pool Nursing

Posted 8 months ago

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So you’re currently debating if you should work for a nursing agency or join the casual nursing pool at your local hospital/health facility. There is no right or wrong decision here, however, there are some advantages (we will explore 5 of them) to working for a well-supported agency, like VNS, that you should consider before committing down either pathway.

Greater Work-Life Balance

As an agency nurse, you are in control. You choose when and where you’d like to work, creating a schedule that coincides with your personal needs and those of your family. You are not forced to work the night shift, or any other shift for that matter, you don’t particularly enjoy. You can choose the shifts you want to work.

You are not given a roster 4-6 weeks ahead of time as you would a casual pool nurse, meaning you are free to change plans and live day by day if something fun was to suddenly pop up.

As an agency staff member, you are not subject to the staffing requirements of that unit/ward and therefore can come and go without ongoing commitment or pressure.

Increased Flexibility

While casual pool nurses are stuck working for one healthcare organisation, agency nurses have the opportunity to work throughout multiple workplaces. This allows agency nurses to gain a greater insight into how effectively different hospitals and healthcare centers function, particularly when at capacity. Having this perspective is invaluable if/when you ever decide you want to work permanent hours at a particular organisation or pursue a different nursing stream. Think of it as a “try before you buy” type situation.

Increased Opportunity to Network

Because you are not stuck working in one place continuously, you have the chance to meet some incredibly talented people from different organisations. These relationships not only pave the way to new friendships but they can open exciting professional development opportunities you otherwise may not have known existed.

Financial Benefits

Agency nurses can earn more money per hour than casual pool nurses.

Keep up to date with the ever-changing medical field

One of the exciting parts about nursing is that it is forever changing. Nothing stands still. There is constantly new equipment, updated processes, and alternative ways to do things to better patient care and save time.

As an agency nurse, you get to experience these changes in a range of healthcare environments rather than simply one if you were a casual pool nurse. How one organisation embraces change in the medical field can vary greatly to the next and you, as an agency nurse, is able to witness this firsthand.

In summary, working as part of a casual pool can work well for some, agency nursing is exciting, fresh, and full of opportunity. You can choose your own schedule based on your personal needs and those of your family, whilst also making new friends with different people from various organisations. Plus, the pay is going to be better too - who doesn’t want that! Now if this sounds like you, come and say hi to the team at VNS, as we’d love to have you on board as part of our crew.



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