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8 Benefits of Filling Shifts With Agency Nurses: A Guide for Busy ANUMS

Posted 4 months ago

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Being directly responsible for how well the next shift is staffed can be relentlessly stressful. You not only have to keep track of what’s happening in the clinical environment but you also need to ensure the upcoming shift is staffed appropriately to meet the current patient demands. How can you quickly and consistently do this without getting flustered? By utilizing the Victorian Nursing Specialists (VNS) agency staff that’s how! Keep reading as we explore the 6 benefits of choosing VNS agency staff to fill your next shift vacancy.

1. Reliable Workforce

VNS Nursing Agency was founded over 20 years ago by Lina Cornell, a registered nurse who witnessed firsthand the challenges nurses were facing in juggling work, social activities and family commitments. Since this time, VNS has grown into a reputable, respected nursing agency and Lina’s high standard continues to be the benchmark for new and existing agency nurses and midwives. This level of competence and proficiency is welcomed by employers because their nurse and midwives are capable, have a good attitude and importantly complete the role they were employed to do well. VNS agency nurses and midwives will be an asset to your department / ward rather than a hindrance.

2. Training and Completion of Mandatory Competencies is Done Through VNS

Successful, regular completion of fire training, manual handling, drug calculations, infection prevention and hand hygiene are just some of the mandatory competencies addressed by VNS. You can be assured that if a VNS enrolled nurse, registered nurse or midwife fills your shift vacancy they have undergone this strict training and other mandatory requirements necessary and are ready to work. The nurse or midwife from VNS will never be allocated to a ward / department where they are underqualified. While it may be their first time working with you and lack local orientation knowledge, they do hold the skills necessary to meet the patient’s needs.

It’s also good to mention that VNS are proud partners with the Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA) and regularly promote upskilling in areas of interest. So while a full post graduate degree may or may not have been completed by the nurse filling your shift, they may have completed a short course in wound care, echocardiogram reading and advance life support which is only good news for you and your patients.

3. Any Issues? VNS Staff Will Address Them

If you come across any issues with a particular agency nurse or midwife, simply contact VNS and we will work with you and the nurse or midwife to resolve the problem quickly.

4. Limited Paperwork - VNS Handles Everything

As an Assistant Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM), the most paperwork you’ll have to complete when employing an agency nurse for the shift is signing your name in a docket book to ensure the nurse / midwife is paid correctly. There is no “onboarding process” which you know is both costly and takes significant time, whilst no other HR related paperwork is required to be completed as you’ve probably experienced with a new staff member or somebody from casual pool.

5. Adaptable Personalities

Agency nurses are used to feeling uncomfortable. They are often in situations where they don’t know a single person nor have they been in the environment before, which is good news for you! We know that healthcare situations can change at any moment often requiring nurses to be moved or have their patient allocation changed. While this may rattle some permanent staff, it’s water off a duck's back for agency nurses and midwives. VNS staff will flourish regardless of the environment because they are backed by a supportive agency who understands their needs and are adaptable themselves to the needs of the public.

6. No Need to Provide Supernumerary Time

Despite the nurse or midwife potentially not having worked in your ward / department / facility before, they do not require formal supernumerary time. A brief orientation to the environment and introduction to key staff is sufficient. VNS will ensure they have a working ID with recent photo, access to a branded uniform and be given any orientation guide written by you or your facility before their first shift so they are prepared and ready to go.

In summary, filling your shift vacancies with a VNS nurse or midwife is definitely a path you should consider. VNS nurses love working for the agency as highlighted in their Google reviews here, mainly because the office staff are kind and they always feel supported regardless of the situation. Though it may seem trivial, this means the nurse or midwife coming from VNS will be happy, have a good attitude and ready to do the jobs you need. What more could you ask for? These registered and enrolled nurses and midwives are sufficiently trained and ready to go and all it takes is a simple phone call to get them started.

Emma Smith

Registered Nurse

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