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The Benefits of Upskilling from A Registered Nurse to a Midwife

Posted 4 months ago

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Are you a registered nurse working casual agency shifts, with a passion for helping women and babies? Maybe you’ve considered going back to university to specialise in midwifery but you’re not sure if the time is right. You could be worried about your level of experience, the time commitment to study, or the job opportunities available once you’ve graduated. While these reasons are totally valid and understandable, Victorian Nursing Specialists (VNS) want to support, reassure and help you find clarity, by providing you with a list of benefits below you may not have considered from an agency perspective.


Greater Opportunity to Secure More Agency Shifts

This is one of the greatest benefits of upskilling to a registered midwife with VNS. As a nurse and midwife, you not only have access to nursing shifts but now you also have the opportunity to work in midwifery specific areas like a birthing suite, pre, and post-natal wards, and also dedicated community settings. This is not only exciting for you as your work can vary greatly on a day-to-day basis, but it’s also favourable for the agency like VNS as they have more areas to offer you work, improving your experience as an agency staff member.

As you build relationships with both the agency and different facilities, you’ll likely secure the shifts that best suit you and your lifestyle. People will start to recognise your advanced skill set and hard-working attitude and want you part of their team on a consistent basis. They may even contact the agency requesting to have you as much as possible. This is something VNS absolutely supports and encourages for all their staff.


Develop your skills as a Nurse and Midwife

Having access to both nursing and midwifery shifts allows you to further develop and grow your skills in each respective area. Nursing is complex and intertwined with lots of overlap between specialities, so working in both areas allows you to see and appreciate patients' health issues and situations in a holistic way.

During a midwifery shift, it’s impossible not to practice your nursing skills. Because of this, you are able to further grow your nursing skill-set ultimately becoming a better, well-rounded midwife. From a nursing perspective, though you won’t necessarily be practicing midwifery skills and techniques, you are able to apply learned communication strategies and consider patient's care in a wholesome way, bettering your patient's experience.

Increased Financial Gains

With a dual role, you’re able to pick up both midwifery and nursing shifts. This essentially doubles your chances of securing work. Depending on where you are allocated and the agency role you undertake, this situation can be very lucrative.

Greater Variety of work

As an agency nurse, there is never a dull moment. But now, as a nurse and midwife, this experience has expanded exponentially. When VNS calls offering a potential shift, this could be anywhere from a surgical ward to a birthing suite. This kind of variety is what others crave for in their work! VNS is flexible and wants to help you secure the work you’d like on a particular day. Being honest, open, and adaptable with VNS staff will help build your reputation and allow you to secure more of the shifts you’d like in the future.

In summary, specialising as a registered midwife is a win-win. You not only have the opportunity to secure more agency work but you’ll also be growing and developing your nursing skills in an intriguing and interesting environment.

VNS is excited to help you flourish as both a nurse and midwife so give them a call today on 03 9898 7000 to understand the steps you need to take to get started.

Good luck and happy studying!


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