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Meet our Nurses - Endorsed Enrolled Nurse - Jaskiranveer

Posted 3 months ago

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We are excited to introduce you to one of our Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EEN), Jaskiranveer. We recently sat down with Jaskiravaneer to get an insight into her career as an agency nurse and how it has allowed her to expand on her specialties as a nurse.

What do you love most about working with VNS?

The flexibility. There’s always plenty of work available to choose from on the VNS app including all the information about the different locations.

What is your nursing specialty and what facilities/locations do you usually work at?

I am an EEN, I had mostly been working in aged care before starting agency nursing with VNS. Now I can choose to work in different specialties and I enjoy hospital work.

Do you enjoy the flexibility of picking and choosing shifts that suit your family and/or lifestyle?

I am a mum to a 13-month-old. Agency work is perfect for me because I can choose any shifts according to my family’s schedule.

Describe a rewarding experience you’ve had whilst working with VNS?

I feel really fortunate looking after different people who have their own life stories to tell, I had a patient who thought I was her daughter on the same day my mum back home had the same surgery and I was really missing her. It was really overwhelming for me to sit and comfort her.

What advice would you give to other nurses looking for an agency role?

There is plenty of things in nursing to explore and experience. I am still learning and always keep a positive attitude regarding any unexpected situations that might occur while you are new to any speciality. It’s always important to follow up with your nurse in charge if you are unsure of anything.

To find out more about you can become an agency nurse with us here at VNS, click here.

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