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Meet our Nurses - Registered Nurse - Lin

Posted 4 months ago

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​We recently interviewed VNS Registered Nurse, Lin who gives us insight into life as an agency nurse with us here at VNS. Lin also shows us how agency work can lead to more permanent positions.

What do you love most about the job/ working with VNS?

It is very convenient to use the VNS app to choose a shift. But I think the biggest benefit is VNS never require that I take a shift if I am unable to work, and VNS do not call as often as other agencies. I feel a real sense of freedom working with VNS. Also, the pay rate is good.

What is your nursing specialty and what facilities/locations do you usually work at?

I am a Registered Nurse (Age care) and I normally work in the Geelong area.

Do you enjoy the flexibility of picking and choosing shifts that suit your family and/or lifestyle?

I love agency work for my lifestyle, and it suits my life well.

Describe a rewarding experience you’ve had whilst working with VNS?

I got a permeant job after I had a shift with VNS. I found that some hospitals and age care facilities prefer to hire someone who they are already familiar with the work environment.

What advice would you give to other nurses looking for an agency role?

It is a good experience and is also full of challenges, because every day is new. Of course, it's easy to get an offer from a hospital or a facility if you keep working regularly with VNS.

To find out more about you can become an agency nurse with us here at VNS, click here.

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